The Danforth Review

The Danforth Review (TDR) was an online literary magazine, based in Toronto, Ontario, founded and managed by Michael Bryson.
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READ - Michael's editorial: After Five Years of Editing TDR (1999-2004) (2004)
READ - Michael's editorial: After 10 Years, Taking a Break (2009)
READ - Michael's editorial: The End (2018)
Started in 1999, the magazine ran for 10 years, then took a two year hiatus before returning in 2011, concluding finally in 2018.

The 2011-2018 version focused on publishing short stories. It included no book reviews and few interviews.
The 1999-2009 archive is hosted by the Library and Archives Canada (link).
The 2011-2018 archive remains online at
From 2002-2009, TDR received funding from The Canada Council for the Arts.

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