Books & Short Fiction

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Trade Books:

Thirteen Shades of Black and White (Turnstone Press, 1999)

The Lizard and Other Stories (Chaudiere Books, 2009) 


Online Single:

Survival (Found Press, 2012)



Flight (Mercutio Press, 2006) 



How Many Girlfriends (2010)

Only A Lower Paradise: A Story of Fallen Angels and Confusion on Planet Earth (e-book, 2011)

Wandering the Earth: A Selected Stories Sampler (e-book, 2011)



“Once Upon a Time.” Voices Under the Guise of Darkness Anthology. Burning Effigy Press & Productions, 2000.  Included in Only A Lower Paradise.

“The Lizard.” Grunt & Groan: The New Fiction Anthology of Work & Sex. Boheme Press, 2002. Included in The Lizard.

“Bedridden.” Desire, Doom & Vice: A Canadian Collection. Wingate Press, 2005. Included in The Lizard.

“Six Million Million Miles.” 05: Best Canadian Stories. Oberon Press, 2005. Included in The Lizard.

“Live Bait.” Writing at the Edge: Fiction That Takes Risks. Siren Song Publishing, 2007. Included in The Lizard.

“The Adulterer.” IV Lounge Nights. Tightrope Books, 2008. Included in The Lizard.

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