Writing That Goes Everywhere

Why "Strongly Worded Yoga"?

Maybe eventually we'll figure it out.

All I can say is, those words came to me in a dream in 2014.

The next day, I made it blog title.

The first -- and only -- thing I posted at that time was John Lennon's "Clean Up Time."

In 2019 I made it my "writing website."

Now it begins.

- Michael (March 2019)

Photo credit: Ken Bryson (2018)


Bill Murray, New York Times, Dec 2012

Q. Did you ever think that the lessons you first learned on the stage of an improv comedy theater in Chicago would pay off later in life?

A. It pays off in your life when you’re in an elevator and people are uncomfortable. You can just say, “That’s a beautiful scarf.” It’s just thinking about making someone else feel comfortable. You don’t worry about yourself, because we’re vibrating together. If I can make yours just a little bit groovier, it’ll affect me. It comes back, somehow.