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READ - Click for a list of Michael's book reviews (1991-present)

READ - Michael on reviewing books (The Danforth Review, 2003)

READ - Interview with Michael on reviewing books (Lemon Hound, 2009)




READ - Defying the black flies: The Romanticism of Susanna Moodie (Paragraph Magazine, 1997)

READ - The Death of the (Canadian) Novel (The Danforth Review, 2001)

READ - Michael responds to George Orwell's 1984 in 2004 (The Danforth Review, 2004)

READ - Opens outward into mystery: The Fiction of Douglas Glover (An Essay in Three Parts) (The Danforth Review, 2005)

READ - Michael on Short Story Theory (lichen, 7.2, Fall/Winter 2005) * This essay has been anthologized twice in school text books.

READ - Michael's analysis of Short Fiction in Canada: 2004/05 (The Danforth Review, 2005)

READ - Michael says Goodbye to Saul Bellow (The Danforth Review, 2005)

READ - Michael's on Reading & Ranking: Reflecting on The New York Times' "Best American Novel 1980-2005" feature (The Danforth Review, 2006)

READ - Thinking about Gender and Narrative: The Short Stories of Carol Shields (Canadian Notes & Queries #80, Nov 2010)

READ Sontag & Kael: Criticism is demolition? an essay (Numero Cinq, Aug 2011)

READ - Michael's reflection on his story "27 Days" (The New Quarterly #121, Winter 2012)

READ - Michael's review essay on Douglas Glover's Savage Love (Music & Literature, 2013)

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